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Cindy Danforth, Attorney at Law, offers the following legal services:

Employment Law: Cindy Danforth represents employees in the following areas:

  1. Wrongful discharge claims
  2. Age discrimination claims (Age Discrimination in Employment Act, “ADEA”)
  3. Disability discrimination claims (Americans with Disabilities Act, “ADA”)
  4. Drug and alcohol employment issues
  5. Sexual harassment claims
  6. Discrimination based upon race, religion, sex, national origin, marital status or age and sexual orientation
  7. Whistleblower claims
  8. Unfair employment practice claims
  9. BOLI/EEOC complaints

Litigation Services: Cindy Danforth provides litigation services in all of the above-referenced practice areas.  Ms. Danforth represents parties seeking public records pursuant to Oregon's Public Records Law.  Ms. Danforth is also available for contract litigation work.

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